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Mark Proctor

2017 ICN - WORLD CHAMPION Natural Bodybuilder

I moved to Australia from England 7 years ago to follow my dreams in the fitness industry. I’ve always been a keen sports person, playing soccer, cricket, golf & representing England at volleyball when I was younger. However I had a dream to become a World Champion Natural bodybuilder one day. 4 years ago, I started my proper journey in the bodybuilding world, winning state transformation challenges at the gym I was at. Taking two 2nd places in my first ever competition, the fire in my belly was lit and my dreams were one step closer. The year after that I went to Nationals in Sydney and took 5th place in Australia, and then in 2017 my dreams came true and I was crowned the ICN World Champion Natural Bodybuilder.

When I’m not at the gym or competing, I’m a tradie & online coach. I take great pride in helping others change their lives and reach their own personal goals. My personal motto: Never give up on your dreams!

KYLE MARTENS - 2017 IFBB NSW 2nd place

Nickname - K,  Year born - 1992

Have you always had an interest in health & fitness?

Yes, it stems from when I played rugby league from age five. I played reps so I would research training techniques and methods, plus the best nutrition and supplement practices that would help my performance on the field. I implemented the same approach when my interest in Bodybuilding started, with great success.

What age did you start playing sport?

I started playing rugby league when I was 5 years old up until 22.  I then turned my focus to gym training and Bodybuilding.

When did you start competing in bodybuilding?

I competed in the ANB South Coast titles (fitness model division) in my first show in 2014 and placed 3rd.  I went on to place 2nd at the IFBB NSW state titles in late 2017.

Do you have any competitions planned for 2018/2019?

I am currently prepping for the 2019 Arnold classic to compete in the Classic Physique Division. Unfortunately, I missed out this year due to a late injury.  I am dedicating the remaining part of 2018 to making as many improvements as possible, so I can present my very best next year on stage.

Apart from the gym what else do you do in your spare time?

I like to be out and about, preferably at the beach or in the city.

Future fitness plans?

I’m working really hard to earn my IFBB pro card foremost.   I do have aspirations to become a fitness model and return to Personal Training preferably on the Gold Coast QLD.